How do you perfect your UX and marketing message in a new market? You test it on them.


Growth Hacking Asia approached us with a unique request from their US based client that wanted to launch the Playphone Android App Market into Taiwan and wanted to find out about market feasibility and test their UX in front of a Taiwanese audience.

A Comprehensive Report

We developed a comprehensive report on Taiwanese mobile app marketplace and ran a survey amongst mobile game enthusiasts to get an accurate perspective on how mobile gamers in Taiwan consume their content.

Our research concluded that Taiwan had some of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, and that the app marketplace business was highly competitive with most Taiwanese mobile phone companies running their own version of an app store.

UX Testing

Our comprehensive UX testing involved getting feedback from a sample of gamers from a range of demographics. The test sessions were not just observed, but screen captured to be able to track precise finger movements and identify any challenges that users had with the marketplaces interface.


Playphone called it some of the best presented work they had ever seen. The full report can be viewed here.

Playphone Taiwan Market Report

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