Kose Cosmetics

A unique approach for a Pan-Asia Social Media campaign


Kose Cosmetics were launching their new Lipisome product with a massive giveaway and social media gifting campaign that would span several Asian countries. With each Asian market having a completely unique social media landscape, B Digital were tasked with integrating the existing Gratz campaign platform with several new social network services.

Our Approach

With the Gratz campaign platform being completely web-based, there were a number of technical hurdles to overcome. Where possible we wanted to use web-based APIs or native app URIs to accurately ensure and measure shares.

The API approach worked well for Twitter and Weibo while Line, Kakao and WhatsApp could all be launched directly from the browser.

The WeChat Solution

WeChat is a hugely popular social network in Mainland China and the integration posed some unique challenges. Unlike the other social network apps, WeChats URI scheme was incredibly restrictive, and it’s web API was designed only to work from within WeChats integrated browser.

Like a lot of Chinese smartphone apps, WeChat is built with the QR code firmly in mind, and the market is already familiar with using QR codes to do everything from paying bills to using bike share services.

In fact, many people in China would browse content almost exclusively within social network apps like Weibo and WeChat. With that understanding, we built a WeChat specific page that could be launched from a QR code and then interact with WeChat from within its own browser.

The WeChat browser API offered the unique ability to be able to record actions from within the app, allowing our page to react only when a share was complete.

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