Market Strategy

A digital strategy for a small company going global


Infani have big plans for their smart baby monitor, wanting to carve a niche and become a dominant player in the smart home market in North America.
Infani needed to know who their market was and how to reach them.

Market Research

B Digital ran an extensive market research survey that involved online questionaries and voice interviews. We delved deep into the US smart home market in order to be able to develop a solid strategy for going global.

A Digital Focused Strategy

We proposed a digital first North America campaign that focused on areas of parenting that our research told us would resonate with American parents.

Our social media content strategy would have revolved around the premise of parents being able to know their baby more intimately. While the peace of mind angle was an important motivator, our research showed that the parental bond was what resonated strongest and would be able to create brand-awareness.

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