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Brightside Projects

Making it Easier to Give

Brightside is a Taiwan-based non-profit organization promoting empowerment through creation, plant-based foods, and connecting communities through content rich activities.

We created a custom solution to enable Brightside to collect donations easier, spend less time fundraising and more time doing good things for the community.

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The Brief

Brightside projects wanted to build a user-friendly platform to make it easier for people to donate toward the good work that they do.

The payment platform needed to integrate into their current WordPress website, accept both Taiwan and international credit cards and allow for recurring monthly payments.

The platform also needed to be able to collect limited personal & tax details, as well as record how the user wanted to be addressed in correspondence.


We built a completely custom WordPress plugin on top of the EC Pay SDK. EC Pay is a popular credit card and payment processes in Taiwan that allowed for international card processing (with both English and Chinese language options) and recurring payments.

Form Design

The existing WordPress website that the form integrates with has content displayed in both languages, in order to keep the form tidy we included a language option as the first field - this option is linked to a special dictionary file which is hosted on the server and could contain translations in any language, which allows for future expansion.

We kept the payment form minimal so that it only shows the required fields at any given time. If someone making a donation wishes to enter their tax details for example, these fields only show after selecting the applicable option.

The form is responsive allowing payments to be made from any devices.


For easy set up and future changes the WordPress plugin includes its own menu and settings where EC Pay API credentials can be entered.

In order to track payments and failed attempts, there is a table page with transaction details. Payment details are also e-mailed to the web site administrator.

The form can be easily placed onto any WordPress page using a custom short code.

Payment Processing

The ECPay SDK library is integrated into the plugin and this allows payments of any supported type to be processed.

The plugin can be easily customized to enable ATM, 7-11, Family Mart and mobile app payments in addition to credit card.


Brightside have been able to collect a significant number of donations through the new form and no longer need to rely on expensive PayPal transfers.

With the recurring payments, good citizens can ensure choose to make monthly contributions without needing to remember to process each payment manually.


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