Digital Display

Building a bespoke, extensible digital display solution in record time.


GroupFS provide products and services across the security and hospitality industries. When their client needed a bespoke digital display solution they approached B Digital to build it.

Our Approach

We wanted to deploy a cloud based solution to give both GroupFS and their client access to display configuration from anywhere. We needed to allow varying levels of user permissions across multiple displays and locations, while ensuring that a single display couldn’t be duplicated through any web browser.

Displays were going to run off of Intel Compute Sticks running Windows, so we came up with a hybrid solution - a Windows app that could run a web based digital display tied to a user-friendly cloud based admin panel.

The administration panel needed to be able to offer a controlled autonomy, with the client having the ability to pick display layouts, colour schemes and upload branding and related images.

Built on Blink

Using Googles Open Source Chromium project we built a custom web browser app that could display our displays pages without the lag. Animations and transitions needed to be seamless, and our app needed to be able to respond quickly to commands and changes sent from the admin panel. Chromiums V8 Javascript engine made this possible.

A companion management tool allows provisioned displays and devices to be paired.

The apps range of commands also allow GroupFS staff to issue super admin commands for refreshing, terminating and issuing billing alerts.

Tiled Simplicity

The administration tool needed to be easily accessible enough for non-technical users to pick up and begin customising their displays. The admin panel went through two design phases until we settled on a tiled admin UI. The familiar “touch style” interface with bold visual cues make the tools simple enough for novices while offering quick access to more advanced features for admins to access quickly.

Fully Extensible

The entire system was built with the future in mind. The data-type system allows industry specific display information and structured templating allows even further visual customisation.


The Digital Display solution was built ground up and delivered in under eight weeks, and on budget.

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