Welcome to Bdigital

    by James Bell

Published on 02-06-2018 08:13

Welcome to Bdigital

We are really happy to launch the rebranded Bdigital and our new website. This new brand is the result of bringing two of our businesses under one arm. As media, creative and tech continue to converge we felt this was the approach we needed to take in order to better serve our clients.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to show case some of our best work, highlight our core services and our focus on Asia. To better do this we will be regularly updating this blog with what we hope will be useful insights and launching a new podcast to discuss digital business in Asia, and we hope that this will offer some value to not only our clients, but also a wider audience.

So for now, goodbye Blacksite and Beardy&Banana. Hello Bdigital

James is the CEO of Bdigital. With over 12 years experience spanning across the varied fields of web development, IT consulting, and customer engagement, James offers unique insight into technological convergence and what it means for businesses.

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