[Audio] 15 Minutes About Branding Salsa

    by James Bell

Published on 02-23-2018 06:53

[Audio] 15 Minutes About Branding Salsa

Having started our own food business just over a year ago, and having gone through the unique challenges of marketing a food business, a friend of mine and co-founder of GogoSalsa in Taipei contacted me for some advice and lessons.

In this short B Sessions conversation we talk about branding, engaging social media, crossover between digital and offline promotion, and allowing your brand to have personality.

Food is a tricky business, and marketing food presents it's own obstacles. Over the last year and a half we have learned what does and doesn't work. So if you have an Asia-based food business and you wan't to talk about your marketing strategy, contact us for a free conversation.

James is the CEO of Bdigital. With over 12 years experience spanning across the varied fields of web development, IT consulting, and customer engagement, James offers unique insight into technological convergence and what it means for businesses.

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